Bentley University



The Bentley Service-Learning and Civic Engagement Center (BSLCE) engages over 1,000 students each academic year through the courses of dedicated service-learning faculty and our co-curricular programs.  BSLCE partners with our local, national, and international nonprofit community partners to help address important public issues.  Over 850 of these students participate in intensive 20+ hour service opportunities at one of 40 community partner sites.  A national thought-leader, the BSLCE works across academic disciplines with over 100 faculty, who offer embedded and 4th-credit academic service-learning opportunities through their courses.  An innovative student leadership model drives our programs forward and promotes both intellectual and civic development.  Additionally, the BSLCE offers a variety of co-curricular civic engagement initiatives to the campus and community, including an annual Fair Trade Fair, the BUIILD project, and Alternative Break trip, and strategic consultancy to local nonprofits.

13,725 People | 957 Activities | 1,944 Hours